Butter bean salad with dill, pomegranate and asparagus


>1 tin of butter beans
>1 can of artichoke hearts in brine
>50g pomegranate seeds
>Handful of salted almonds and cashews
>Teaspoon of furikake(sesame, salted shiso leaf, and nori) >Asparagus
>Handful of dill chopped

Delicious and nutritious

Butter bean salad with dill, pomegranate and asparagus.

5 minute salad
Serves 1 main or 2 side salads.

Step one- Asparagus

Trim the tough base ends off the asparagus.
Place into grill pan with half a centimetre of water and squeeze half of a lemon on top.
Leave to simmer until the water has evaporated or, when tested with a fork, the asparagus is soft.

Empty the drained tin of butter beans into a bowl.
Chop the dill roughly into small pieces (or use a teaspoon of dried dill).
Cut the artichokes into quarters- leaving one whole for top decoration.
Add pomegranate seeds, dill, nuts and artichoke to the beans and stir together.
Place the asparagus ontop and sprinkle furikake (or just sesame seeds) on top and a crunch of black pepper.
Bam! Delicious nutritious salad.

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