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Empowering successful wellness, together.

Eat For Health UK was founded in 2018 to inspire others in the journey to a nourished & happy life.

Eat For Health is proud to partner with

Somerset Skills and Learning offer free courses for resident of Somerset
Feed Avalon offer courses and workshops for local food systems.
Amber at Little Acre is an incredible chef and cooking course leader

About Eat For Health

Elle believes that the body is deeply, deeply intelligent and that we can reconnect with our body and ourselves to create lives that feel authentic, successful and aligned with who we really are.

After some time spent in hospital, life took a shift to focus on sharing the possibility of empowered mental and physical wellness by changing how we think about food and our bodies. She qualified as an INLPTA Master Practitioner of NLP, picked up a nutrition qualification, trained as a teacher, gained her Masters Degree in Public Health and trained as a Hypnotherapist to gather a deeply holistic tool kit for creating wellness that feels great inside and out.

Elle loves to share the relationship between our bodies, food, mood, mental health, disease, and deep wellbeing. People describe her as “Supportive, Inspiring and empowering. Making complex ideas simple to understand

Join Elle for the most popular course, a weightloss course, 1-1 support or meet her on Instagram & Facebook @EatForHealthUK 

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