If you are looking for an engaging workshop, talk or course leader to offer skills and tools for nutrition, mental wellbeing, empowerment, critical media literacy, change work and neurolinguistic programming, let’s talk.

What you manage to achieve every session is a light, informative, easy-to-understand, positive way of making proactive, manageable changes that will and do have immediate health-giving benefits.

I love supporting others on their journey to an empowered, embodied and nourished life. I’ve given inspiring and useful talks at Yoga Camps, Retreats and Positive Living Groups, offered workshops at festivals and camps and created bespoke workshops for in-house staff training for those supporting vulnerable adults and children.

I’d almost given up any hope of feeling well again but through your informative and wise courses, myself and my partner feel gently and positive to make changes in what and why we eat with a kinder understanding towards ourselves, empowering indeed.

Individuals, organisations, companies, schools, groups.
I welcome you to…

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