Women’s Group 2023

A monthly retreat day for women who want more from life.

We need a space to reconnect…. to ourselves and to others

We need a space to be seen and heard… in all that we can be

Let’s come together and come closer to ourselves.

Could this be what you’ve been waiting for?

This is a unique opportunity for you to come together with a group of women over 6 months.

We will create a space, with guided coaching to more toward deeper self care, self respect and empowerment.

Finding new ways

Working with women across Somerset, there are so many of us are having the same experiences but isolated, and without realising there can be other ways. So many of us having challenges within family, parenting, in relationships, with loneliness, low self esteem, low self worth, lacking confidence and feeling stuck.

I’ve lost touch with women in my life

I never put myself first

I want to open up to people but if can be so hard

I’m fine but nothing really means much to me

There are things I want to do but I don’t let myself

The way I treat myself, I would never treat anyone else like that

These monthly group retreat days will allow us to begin to remember and discover what is really important to us?
What do we really want to experience in our lives?

In the group coaching we will be able to move beyond our old blocks by gaining new perspectives and integrating negative past experiences in gentle ways. Together we can do this.

You are invited…

Womens Group 2023

You will receive

30min 1-1 alignment zoom or call
6 Day retreats including
Sharing circles
Guided meditations
Tools for more inner calm and deeper wellbeing

This is your place
to express, be heard, connect,
find meaning, heal, and be seen.

Saturdays 10am – 6pm near Shepton Mallet
29th April // 20th May // 17th June
29th July // 19th August// 30th September

Pricing options

I want to join the Womens Group
6 months, 6 day retreats £450 *early bird before January 31st £325.00*

I want to join the Womens Group + have three 1-1 coaching sessions
6 months, 6 day retreats, & x3 1-1 coaching sessions (90mins each)
£800 *early bird before January 31st £690.00*

I want to join the Womens Group + have monthly 1-1 coaching sessions
6 months, 6 day retreats, & x6 1-1 coaching sessions (90mins each)
£1100 *early bird before January 31st £990.00*

How to book?

Contact me if you have any questions or would like to know more.

I’m very glad to speak on the phone to find how this can fit for you.

To confirm your place in the group make your £80 deposit using paypal or via bank transfer.


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Get in touch
Call, text or email Elle
Tel: 07562 716 908 Email: eatforhealthuk@gmail.com

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