Emotional Eating- Tools for Change

Become empowered to manage difficult emotions without turning to food.

If diets worked they wouldn’t still exist!

What does work?

Feeling good being you matters and dieting has never sounded fun to me. Diets can leave us hungry, craving, moody, feeling restricted and isolated from sharing with others. So we end up slipping, stopping and come back to how it was before except now we also feel like a failure.

Get rid of dieting and learn to nourish. Living to nourish creates abundance, enjoyment and delight in your choices so you can celebrate your success, share with others and feel empowered. And the weight will come off naturally…and stay off!

We will meet as a group on Zoom, and discover tools for empowering weightloss through nutrition understanding, motivational techniques and a critical look at the food industry.

Group Workshops

Tuesday February 15th-Weightloss without Willpower
6.30pm – 8pm in the Coexist Kitchen, Easton, Bristol
£15.00 Buy Your Ticket Here

Group workshops coming to Frome, Wells and Shepton Mallet in Spring 2022.

Bespoke workshop

Book a bespoke workshop for yourself, your organisation or friends.

Bespoke workshops are tailored for you, at a time to suit you possible between 8am and 9pm every day of the week to suit all time zones and schedules.

Weightloss without willpower, 1.5 hour live Zoom workshop tailored to you.
£70. Please email to apply for a subsidised price.

Get in Touch with Elle today
Text, Whatsapp, Call 07562 716 908

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