Enjoying the Menopause

Exactly how to support the body during the hormonal transition.

The transitioning years of the menopause can be plagued with hot flushes, brain fog and emotional irregulation. Many women struggle with the impact of these symptoms and if that wasn’t enough, in the long term, the body may struggle to create healthy bone for up to a decade afterward leading to heightened risk of fracture.

There is a huge body of clinical evidence to suggest it doesn’t have to be this way and through a little understanding of the body and nutrition we can make simple empowering actions with our diet and lifestyle to keep ourselves well.

Join together for this two hour journey into the body and the brain to understand what is actually happening. We’ll learn together and leave with a deeper understanding of exactly how to reduce symptoms like hot flushes whilst keeping our bone health.

This is not.. what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do. This workshop is deep body understanding for informed and empowered choice to suit you and your life.

We will connect on Zoom so you can join from wherever you are. If you would like to learn more about the menopause, you are welcome here.

Group Workshop
Wednesday 6th July, 6pm – 8pm, Zoom

`Workshop is now full

£20.00 or low income option £15.00

Join the workshop
To confirm your space just email Eatforhealthuk@gmail.com
Choose the ticket price that suits you and confirm your space via Paypal or bank transfer to suit you.

Bank details
Eat For Health Limited
23 – 69 – 72
Please email to confirm receipt and for the zoom link

Bespoke workshop

Book a bespoke workshop for yourself, your organisation or friends.

Bespoke workshops are tailored for you, at a time to suit you possible between 8am and 9pm every day of the week to suit all time zones and schedules.

Enjoying the Menopause, 1.5 hour live Zoom workshop tailored to you.
£80. Please email to apply for a subsidised price.

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