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The session was perfect and it’s something which I will continuously be able to refer back to. It definitely made an impact with my children

In my early twenties I trained as a Primary School Teacher and went on to lead a forest based, child led home education project in Somerset.

It is my opinion that the raising of children is the most wonderful and challenging thing a person can do and this can really be difficult at meal times.

Pleasing the whole family amid fussy eaters, demands for sugary, processed and junk food are just another layer of challenge in family life.

Sugar is added to 80% of supermarket food because it is extremely addictive and food companies specifically market their shiny, bright, cartoony products at children to make them addicted consumers for life.

I learnt loads. People make unhealthy things to get money, it’s like they think they own the world.

9 year old participant

Why can’t I have it mum?

A 1.5 hour workshop on Zoom tailored for your whole family to join in.

Utilising live drawings, theatre, characters and games this participatory workshop is for parents and children to learn together how processed sugar impacts the body and how fruit & veg make us into energetic, happy humans.

We’ll meet Sugar Zombies, Bum Monsters and Poo Super Heroes while we explore our digestive system, brain and gut microbiome.

The course is suitable for all ages and will be tailored for your families age group and area of interest.

Available evenings, weekends and school holidays.

An amazing workshop. I can highly recommend. We all learnt new things and it has really made the children think about how food affects their bodies.

Mother of two


Group Workshop

Join a group of families in the Zoom Room, no 2022 dates scheduled…yet

Bespoke workshop for your family

Why Can’t I have it mum?
1.5 hour bespoke workshop
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Why Can’t I have it mum?
Low income families
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I hope this will stick with them for life and on a larger scale, I’m sure this is just the beginning of a food revolution.


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