Gut Microbiome

Your digestive system is home to 100,000,000,000,000 bacteria.

The type of bacteria in your gut may promote cravings, low mood, a compromised immune system and more. For the very best of mental and physical wellbeing we need to nourish our gut, but how?

Join this workshop for profound tools, knowledge and group support. Discover how you can easily and affordably nourish for optimum wellness. Join a scheduled group course or arrange a bespoke workshop just for you, your organisation, family or friends.

Gut Microbiome for Mental and Physical wellness

Feeling well has never been so important. We might have been hearing so much conflicting and confusing information about gut health and the microbiome….often from companies with an agenda to sell costly supplements and superfoods.

This workshop will give you a clear picture of how to nourish your gut microbiome naturally and how that will impact your physical and mental health.This workshop is all about you feeling good in your body. No experience or knowledge is required. This is a space for curiosity and exploration.

Group Course

Nourishing the gut microbiome online group course
Tuesday 4th October 6.30pm – 8pm (Zoom, UK Time)
£11 ticket

Bespoke Course

Can’t wait? Book a bespoke workshop for yourself, your organisation or friends.

Bespoke workshops are tailored for you, at a time to suit you. Bookings are possible between 8am and 9pm every day of the week to suit all time zones and schedules.

Gut Microbiome for Mental and Physical wellness
1.5 hour live Zoom workshop tailored to you.
£70. Please email to apply for a subsidised price.

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