You helped me to connect with who I really am.


Imagine feeling good being you.

Having the ease, calm, confidence to be yourself in just the way you want to.

What could it be like?

We can work together to change old habits and gain new tools to create more of the life you want.

One session enabled me to gain momentum and create new opportunities for myself


How does it work?
I believe that all our behaviours ultimately have a positive intention, even those habits that we really want to change. Often they are familiar, safe and in some way protect us. Thats why that can be so hard to change, no matter how much we try.

Hypnotherapy allows us to access the deeper learning centre within and create new ways of living easily that are more aligned with what is important to you now.

What could hypnotherapy with me do for you?

-lose weight easily
-improve mood holistically
-reduce anxiety, depression and stress naturally
-move toward your goals successfully
-change old habits

Elle showed me places inside me that I didn’t even realise needed healing.


Solve problems // Shift your mindset // Improve relationships

Find clarity // Take control of your life // Integrate

Elle emanates love and empathy which made it easier to open up and look at difficult areas in a deeply connected and supported way.


What will happen in a session?

We will take the time to understand what you would really like to change in your life. From here you will be invited and supported to deeply relax so we can make those changes happen in just the way you want. I will guide the process by talking using story, imagery, metaphor and suggestion to ensure you achieve your goals.

I felt properly heard and Elle picked up on all of the issues that are important to me.


Sessions with Elle really helped me to piece together what a positive future could look like and how I can make steps forward


Available in person
& via Zoom

One hour
low income £60

2 hours
low income £120

I was blown away gob smacked astounded dum founded at the awesome holisticness of the session.


Curious to find out more?

Let’s talk.
Get in touch or arrange a free discovery call with me today
Text, Whatsapp, Call 07562 716 908

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Elle for helping me with a life long habit I had. I told Elle how embarrassed and ashamed I was. Now, for once in my life, I have release, many many thanks Elle.


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