Lose weight, Gain empowerment

Weight loss is about having a healthy lifestyle,
it’s not about depriving ourselves.
I would highly recommend this course to everyone.

2022 Course completer

This course gave me empowerment, understanding and belief in myself.

2022 Course completer

Losing weight can be exhausting and thats understandable. Because we all need new ways to lose weight that make us feel great, inside and out.

You are invited to join together so we can focus less on what we want to lose and more about what we can gain in life.

What a relief for a different look at weight loss! Nutrition, encouragement and empathy from Elle, a 1:1 session which you wouldn’t get anywhere else; skills & tools for weight loss & empowerment. and…. no weigh-ins!

Course Completer 2022

A healthy way for controlled, sustainable weight loss

Course Completer 2022

So how does they course work?

In six interactive, personalised workshops with a supportive group, we will have group coaching, activities and nutrition support to develop the new patterns, habits and ways of eating that support natural, healthful weightloss. By creating a new approach to food, the weight will stay off!

I enjoyed taking part in the evenings as part of a relaxed, friendly, small group

Course Completer 2022

You will gain tools for emotional eating, leaving yoyo dieting behind, stability, consistency, group encouragement and support to improve self confidence and self esteem.

These tools will allow you to develop a lifestyle and relationship with food that suits you and brings you closer to achieving your ideal weight.

How to change habits
Sometimes we can “know” what we need to do to lose weight, but for some reason find it hard to actually do those things. This can leave us fighting with ourself, having negative thoughts, feeling disempowered, making excuses and often returning to the very habits we are trying to change. From the very first session you will gain new ways to approach change that work and feel good without having to try so hard all the time!

What to eat
Each week we will focus on a different meal to get the most up to date nutrition science that will allow us to feel full, satisfied and reduce cravings with simple, convenient, (affordable!) meal and snack ideas.

Course Schedule

Session 1: Boosting metabolism and gaining new choices

Session 2: Stopping the inner struggle and boosting breakfasts

Session 3: Finding our motivation and lunches that reduce cravings

Session 4: Creating positive habits and dinners that keep us full

Optional: 1-1 coaching session to remove blocks

Session 5: Managing difficult emotions and desserts to keep life sweet

Session 6: Full course review, reflections and celebrations

Join the next course

Full: Monday 13th March, six sessions from 6pm – 7.30pm
May/June course coming soon

Low income option


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Full Course


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£20 deposit

Full Course
& 1-1 coaching


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Frequently Asked Questions
For other questions just get in touch.

Do we have to keep food diaries, calorie count or weigh in?
No, this course is about empowerment and informed choice. If you want to do these things, you can choose to. We will be creating new habits and patterns for a lifestyle that feels good so you’ll notice the difference in your energy, mood, body shape and the comfort of your clothes.

Will I lose weight?
Many people notice that their clothes seem to get bigger (a great sign of weight loss!) when they are on the course, and their weightloss continues afterwards too. Some people don’t notice weightloss until after the course but feel more motivated, energised, positive and more in control.

I have struggled with an eating disorder, is this course suitable?
This course can help you to develop a nourishing relationship with your body and food. Previous participants with eating disorders have found benefit from the course for reducing ‘shaming’ and ‘guilty’ inner talk and creating a more positive mindset. Everyone is different so there can be many different triggers for overeating, binge eating, bulimia and anorexia. We always have a small group size so we can create a confidential, sensitive, personalised weekly space that supports wherever you are on your journey to having a positive food relationship. One to One coaching is always available.

Do I have to be or become vegetarian or vegan for this course?
No. This course is suitable for anyone, no matter what your diet preference.

What is this course based on?
This course is based on coaching and change work from my experience working with groups and individuals for the past 6 years as well as research from within Public Health and Nutrition Science, brought to you in an engaging, interesting way. Supported by personalised coaching you can expect self exploration that empowers you to ensure that any changes you want to make are enjoyable and last.


It’s great to always receive the notes after the zoom sessions so we could recap if needed.

2022 Course Completer

This course was useful to me as it made me look at food and weight loss from a different angle; from the point of giving my body what it needs to function to it’s best ability, rather than banning certain foods and weighing in.

2022 Course completer.

This course was useful for a deeper knowledge and understanding of the power of foods, herbs, spices and the effects on our bodies. I have some health challenges and am truly grateful for the support, kindness and knowledge .

2022 Course completer.

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