Mood And Food

With over 168 million cases of depression globally, the role that food plays in our mental wellness has never been more important.

Do you want to become empowered in feeling well, looking good and enjoying life?

What we eat really matters. What we eat can create depression, anxiety, poor sleep and low mood. Or it can support positive mood, regular mood, reductions and freedom from depression, anxiety and stress.

Join us for this workshop to receive tailored support to empower your understanding and action of mental and physical wellness. You deserve to feel great!

We will meet as a group on Zoom or in a bespoke session. You will get tools for empowering positive wellbeing through understanding sugar, gut health and gaining a critical perspective of the food industry.

Group workshops
Online in October 2022 or book a bespoke workshop below.
Thursday 27th October 6.30pm-8pm (UK Time)
Book your place now £11 ticket

Mood & Food, 1.5 hour live Zoom workshop tailored to you.
£70, email to apply for a subsidised workshop.

Get in Touch with Elle today
Text, Whatsapp, Call 07562 716 908

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