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If you have a body, read this book

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Launched in February 2021 this book compacts four years of research and workshops into one empowering and motivating food health education guide that inspires us as change makers to take back the power in our consumer system.

Are carbs bad? Where do I find good fats? What is the best diet for weight loss? Is a plant based diet better for health? How do I make sense of food labels?

Find out in
If You Have a Body, Read this Book.

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Olga’s Vegan Feast

A wholefood plant based gluten free cook book

A collection of starters, mains and desserts which nourish your body and delight your taste buds. Easy to follow recipes with store cupboard ingredients. Includes lentil lasagne, falafel, a nacho cheese dipping sauce and more.

Customer review
I did the gazpacho and the lentil lasagne from Olga’s book and it was unbelievable! Very pleased, I am hoping to try all the recipes in the next months”

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