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Reprogram Your Attitude to Food

You can feel good
get in tune with your body
say goodbye to confusion
become empowered

What to eat more of and why:
Each week we will understand the incredible nutritional science of how the body works supported by 50 years of research in public health for optimum health.

How to support an empowered choice:
Our emotional state, social culture, media corporations, food advertising, diet-product companies, family norms and habits all impact our inner perception of food. Elle will coach you to have awareness of your inner world “Food Talk” and lead you to develop strategies that work for you to empower the choices you want to make.

I am so pleased with this program and still live by it every day, even two months later

Course Completer 2021

Course Schedule
Week 1: The food culture of the West and meeting our Food Talk
Week 2: Carbohydrates, Sugars, the Brain & a Healthy Weight
Week 3: Fats- good or bad? & How to avoid Type II diabetes
Week 4: Protein. Cholesterol, Muscles and Treating Yourself
Week 5: Antioxidants and a health gut microbiome
Week 6: Course overview, reflections and celebrations

Full Course Package:
A weekly 2 hour workshop 6pm – 8pm (Zoom or in person)
A personalised program for your goals
Regular emails to support your journey
A messaging group for motivation and support
A small group of 6 participants
Support with recipes, videos and more
Life time access to annual group check ins

Ready to join?
First, choose the package to suit you:

It is very important to me that finances never stand in the way of successful nourished living so there are three pricing options.

Option 1
Elle is passionate about making this incredible program accessible.
Low income
£110 per person

Option 2
Reprogram Your Attitude to Food Full Course Package

£160 per person

Option 3
Reprogram Your Attitude to Food Full Course Package &
1-1 Coaching session

£210 per person

Prefer to pay by instalments?
You can. We can arrange payments to suit you monthly or weekly
To confirm your space, make your £20 deposit
Eat For Health Limited   Sort Code  23 – 69 – 72.    Account Number   15499258
or via Paypal-

Now you’ve chosen the package to suit you, when will you begin?

Online Mondays from February 21st, 6-8pm [Course Full]

Online Tuesdays from March 8th, 6-8pm [Course Full]

Online Mondays from April 11th, 6-8pm [Course Full

Online Tuesdays from May 3rd, 6 – 8pm [Course full]

Online Mondays from June 6th, 6 – 8pm [5 spaces left]

Online Mondays from September 12th, 6 – 8pm [6 spaces left]

Online Tuesdays from October 11th, 6-8pm [5 spaces left]

Ready to know more?

Get in touch. Simply message

Call, text, whatsapp: 07562 716 908

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Call, text or email Elle
07562 716 908

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