This is just a little snap shot of some of the amazing feedback!

I definitely feel that food doesn’t control me anymore. I don’t think about it as much anymore. I just have a nicer relationship with food. This is the start of the rest of my life

Rachael, Course completer 2021

Inspiring Motivational Uplifting

Elle talks with such zest and is so full of knowledge- the way she guides the course makes it so easy to learn. After the course my body has felt a hell of a lot better and I’m inspired now to nourish myself day to day!

Jess, Reprogram Your Attitude to Food course completer

This course was a total game changer! Since going on the course I can celebrate my body and my choices with much more of an understanding.

Suzannah -Reprogram Your Attitude to Food course participant.

Compassionate Positive Simple

The course has really spread the positivity on my relationship with food.

Sabina – course completer

Step by step building blocks to really bring informed decision about what I put in my body. Blown away by the depth of knowledge and support received. Thanks for the tools and so much more.

Lucy, course completer

Nourishing Empowering Supportive

Love the approach of being gentle and compassionate with yourself, switching to foods that help you feel nourished rather than restricted.

Felix- April 2021 course completer

I can see my body has changed shape, my skins better, everything is better. Now I understand what I should eat and why.

Daisy Foss, course completer

There’s knowing the theory and then putting it into practice.

You’ve made it so simple and so wonderfully easy to follow- thank you, I’ve loved it

I used to get scared about social events with food but now I’m looking forward to it

Amazing Deep Fascinating

I’ve really enjoyed the space in which we’ve been able to share each week free of judgement. Thank you for your passion, it’s inspiring and gives motivation. I’m looking forward to carrying it on

I thought it might be basic common sense or boring because of previous workshops in schools, but it totally wasn’t! Amazing information

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