Nutritious and delicious without compromise.
Mostly gluten free, always plant based.

Eat For Health believes in nourishing the body with kitchen creativity- experiment with different herbs and spices, be relaxed if you don’t have every ingredient, mix and match, play and enjoy yourself!

Many of these recipes are created by Amber at Little Acre Kitchen.

We’d be delighted to see what you’ve made so share with us on Instagram or Facebook @EatForHealthUK

Find out what makes these recipes so nutritious.

Join us at the holistic cookery retreat The Taste of Wellness

Your body is your home.
Eat for Health, Love your body, Love your life.

Eat For Health is passionate about empowering
you to create your nourishing life.

How can you use food to develop your life?
Empower Your Wellbeing in 6 weeks

Your body is your home.
Eat for health, love your body, love your life.

Cookery Retreat
Support an empowered relationship with food and your body.

The Taste of Wellness Retreat

Bringing together holistic whole food cookery, nutrition, movement and wellness coaching.

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