I felt properly heard and Elle picked up on all of the issues that are important to me. There’s been a change in my behaviour towards food which is miraculous after 30 years of struggle. I feel more positive, motivated and inspired, and I’m seeing the impact in what I’m choosing to eat. I’m delighted. – Kirstie

Connect with yourself.
Tune into the life you want.
See results after just one session.
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I didn’t believe in coaching.

I didn’t even think about a better life, I was just “getting on with it”.

Then I discovered Neurolinguistic programming. Now I create the life I want and have tools and skills to handle the challenges of life.

How much could you enjoy being you?

Elle helped me to realise where I might have been getting stuck in life. One session enabled me to gain momentum and create new opportunities for myself from an inner space of play and freedom! – Annabel

How does it work?
The filters of our perception are created by our experiences. Some of our filters come from our childhood, from trauma, the pressure and “shoulds” of family, friends, culture and society, from anxiety, fear and worry.  These can cause us to feel blocked, stuck in habits and may not help us be who we are, to shine our light, to know ourselves.

Elle showed me places inside me that I didn’t even realise needed healing. She left me with some useful tools for moving forward which I have already used several times. Thank you Elle, you’re amazing! – Bee

In my story, before gaining the tools and support of NLP I was living a life of overworking for little money because I wanted to “help”, I had relationships to make me feel safe, I would never allow myself to spend money, I would frequently burn out, get ill, rest and then begin again…and again.

The patterns just kept on repeating themselves.

Elle emanates love and empathy. Combined with her grounded nature and creative humour, her genuine heart centred approach made it easier to open up and look at difficult areas in a deeply connected and supported way. – Carla

What did NLP do for me?
NLP helped me become more whole. It supported me to access my inner resources and leave limiting beliefs and old patterns behind. I improved my relationship with myself, with friends and family, with money, a healthy balance of time in work doing what I love and I even have a wonderful partner!

I’ve learnt more about who and how I want to be in this world and I have the inner resources, tools, beliefs and dreams to make that happen.

….of course I still have ups and downs on the way but now I have a whole host of skills to manage them with resilience and learning.

Sessions with Elle really helped me to piece together what a positive future could look like and how I can make steps forward

I am passionate about sharing the light that NLP has brought to my life so I trained as a Practitioner, then a Master Practitioner.

I was blown away gob smacked astounded dum founded at the awesome holisticness of the session. -Kat

So, what could Coaching with me do for you?

Healing. Self Knowing. Self Development

Improve your communication, relationships, your health, mental health, make headway with your career or business and support your roles, perhaps as a mother or father.

Neuro-linguistic Programming is a highly creative framework for making change that lasts. We use the wisdom of the body for deep somatic transformation. Having me as your guide will allow you to connect with yourself to create the life that suits who you really are.

Many people come to me as they are struggling with their relationship with food. Very often our relationship with food, especially sugar and processed foods are a symptom of an emotional block or safety mechanism. Together we can explore, integrate and find new ways of experiencing food that represent how you really want to live.

Solve problems // Shift your mindset // Improve relationships

Find clarity // Take control of your life // Integrate


Available in person
& via Zoom

One hour
low income £70

2 hours
low income £130

You helped me to connect with who I really am. -Lisa

Curious to find out more? Let’s talk.
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I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Elle for helping me with a life long habit I had. I told Elle how embarrassed and ashamed I was. Now, for once in my life, I have release, many many thanks Elle. -Carol

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