The Eat For Health Workshop

The Food you Eat Becomes your body.
In 2.5 hours we cover Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates: how they nourish or harm your body, where the best sources can be found & we address common misconceptions and confusing media messages.

Leave with a tool kit of how to read nutrition labels to choose health.

If you have a body, you should come on this workshop.
Supports: weightloss // mental health // diet change // fitness recovery
Address: type II diabetes // heart disease // cancer // angina //atherosclerosis

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The Eat For Health Workshop Quick Guide:

The Eat For Health Workshop Outline

Eating for health to live with health
-Why is what I eat important
-Why can eating healthy feel hard
-Treat culture and The Broken Model
-Digestion in the human body
-What do carbohydrates do for the body
-How can carbohydrates help and hinder health
-The effects of sugar on weight gain
-Choosing foods to have a healthy weight
-What do fats do for the body
-How can fats help and hinder health
-The effects of fat on type II diabetes
-How do dairy products effect health
-What does protein do in the body
-How protein sources can help and hinder health
-The connection between protein source and heart disease
-Food to impact on fitness
Superfoods: vitamins and minerals
-What do vitamins and minerals do in the body
-Foods for reducing cancer risk
-Foods for reducing effects of ageing
-The superfood myth and eating on a budget

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