Warm Chia Pudding


per person

Half cup Chia seed
2 cups hot water
3 satsumas
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1/2 tsp cardamom
Handful hazelnuts
Handful almonds
Handful cherries
Date syrup to taste

Delicious and nutritious

Chia pudding is so versatile! This is a warm, rich and dark pudding that can also be enjoyed cold…if theres any left!

Nutritious and delicious without compromise.

Step 1:
Put all the ingredients into a small pan (with a few nuts and fruits to the side for decoration if you’re into that…we are)
Crush the satsumas lightly as it warms through.
Cook for five minute or until thick and creamy.
Add to a bowl, decorate and enjoy.
If you need more sweetness add date syrup ontop

Top tip-
If you prefer a little crunch add the nuts when the chia has thickened.

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