Why Eat For Health?

In 2013 the UK government produced a document “Living Well For Longer” to address the arising problem of people living longer but spending more of those years effected by disability due to poorer health. Of 20 key factors identified leading to health affected years, 13 of these relate to diet.

The aim of the Eat For Health Workshop is to empower individuals to be able to understand how foods effect the body’s health and so enable healthful food choices without being manipulated by packaging, advertising, fad diets and media claims to reduce the risk of diet related disease.

The sessions will demonstrate the impact of different foods on the body’s health through a study of the digestion and effects of the macro-nutrients on physiological processes. The course explores: carbohydrates to maintain a healthy weight, fats to reduce the risk of type II diabetes and the impact of protein on heart disease and other cardiovascular illnesses. All information provided is inline with NHS recommendations and is based on the most up to date health science.

Participants will also learn how to decode food packaging, nutrition labels and ingredient lists to empower healthful shopping. Workshops can also include recipe sharing, cooking sessions and tasters.

To support individuals to make continual small changes for their long term well-being the course includes methodology for implementing change and developing emotional awareness of how emotional well-being connects with food choice.

At Eat For Health we believe health is a right so health education should be made available to everyone. If you think yourself, an organisation, or group could benefit from this course please get in touch.

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