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I can see my body has changed shape,
my skin is better, everything is better.
Now I understand what I should eat and why.

Daisy Foss- 2021 Course completer

I have never been as motivated to incorporate the lifestyle changes I know I should & have always wanted to integrate into my life.

Carrie, 2022 Course completer

What we eat determines how we feel, our sleep quality, our energy levels, our mental health, levels of stress, depression, anxiety, emotional regulation, weight, fitness, muscle, concentration levels and more.

Some approaches to food can be so disempowering, full of what we “should” and “shouldn’t” eat.

I believe we all deserve the power of informed choice to have the success we want for our mental and physical wellness.

Together we can leave the struggle behind, the confusion of what to eat, feeling low energy, tired, lethargic, anxious, depressed, confused of what is healthy, comfort eating, sugar addiction, food cravings, food guilt, a negative body image, overeating, binge eating, food anxiety, food shame, emotional eating, diet plans, calorie counting and slimming products.

Get a feel for the course by tuning into this 15 minute introduction to see if its the right fit for your wellbeing journey.

Elle from Eat For Health UK

What can happen when we understand food and our bodies better?

Before this course, I’d lost where I was going with my diet, health, wellbeing and I was not really in a good state. Now I have become happier in my mood, my outlook, my focus, my diet & everyday life. Thank you Elle.

Course Completer 2022

Working alongside a group of people & seeing how well they are also progressing on their journey with Elle, seeing what they are getting out of the course, the changes they have made in such a short space of time is a powerful motivator, keeps you focused & happily moving forward.

Course Completer 2022

So how does they course work?

In six interactive, personalised workshops with a supportive group of 6, we will get the tools, skills and information we need to develop the relationship with our bodies and food that we have been wanting.

This is not just a course where you turn up, get fed loads of information then go away & carry on life as normal, Elle is passionate & truly inspirational to help you take what you have learnt & apply it easily to everyday life.

Course Completer 2022

You will discover how foods impact your blood, brain, mood and body and exactly which foods have the greatest impact on fitness, health, weight, skin, sleep, energy levels and overall physical and mental wellbeing.

These tools will allow you to develop a deep, critical awareness of the world around you to become a creator of your own experience and choices. This course is entirely personalised for your own goals, no “shoulds” or “musts”.

Each week we will become more informed in Nutrition, deepen our Self Awareness and free ourselves from the control of the Media, Food and Pharmaceutical Industry through Critical Literacy.

Get clarity of nutrition and physiology (how the food we eat becomes the body). Demystify food labels and empower your ability to make a choice that nourishes regardless of fancy packaging, advertising, media claims, diet fads and all the other conflicting and confusing concepts of nutrition.

Self Awareness
In a small confidential group we can explore and support our relationship with food, we often discover how similar we are. We take a journey together to explore our inner world of Food Talk characters and create ways of supporting and celebrating the way we want to eat.

Critical Media Literacy
Discovering that the food industry controls what you know about food can be a shock to the system. Marketing & advertising makes puppets of our values and human needs. As you develop your Critical Media Literacy you will be able to notice the tricks so effectively that marketing stops impacting you.

Course Schedule

Week 1: The food culture of the West and meeting our Food Talk

Week 2: Carbohydrates, Sugars and Healthy Weight

Week 3: Fats, Brain Health and Type II diabetes

Week 4: How much protein? Cholesterol, Muscles and Treating Yourself

Week 5: Antioxidants and a healthy gut microbiome

Week 6: Full course review, reflections and celebrations

Frequently Asked Questions
For other questions just get in touch.

Do I have to change my diet on the course?
No, this course is about informed choice. You can choose whatever your want that suits your life. There are suggested tasks each week that you may enjoy to do with the group without any requirements or pressures to do them. You are in control for the whole course. You decide what you want to explore.

Do I have to be or become vegetarian or vegan for this course?
No. This course is suitable for anyone, no matter what your diet preference. There is so much to learn about the human body and how it turns the food you eat into your body- this course is about learning and creating empowerment for you.

Will I lose weight?
If your goal is to lose weight then it is very likely yes, even after just two weeks for some people! If this is your goal we will personalise your tasks together to support healthy weight loss that can continue after the course and remain off.

I have struggled with an eating disorder, is this course suitable?
This course can help you to develop a nourishing relationship with your body. Previous participants with eating disorders have found benefit from the course for reducing ‘shaming’ and ‘guilty’ inner talk and creating a more positive mindset. Everyone is different so there can be many different triggers for overeating, binge eating, bulimia and anorexia. We always have a small group size so we can create a confidential, sensitive, personalised weekly space that supports wherever you are on your journey to having a positive food relationship. One to One coaching is also available.

Will I be calorie counting or keeping a food diary?
No. Calorie counting, as we will discover on the course, is not a proven tool for long term weight loss or for supporting you to nourish your body. We enjoy discovering what feels good for us without needing to count, analyse or even try too hard!

What is this course based on?
This course is based on over 50 years of research from within Public Health and Nutrition Science, brought to you in an engaging, interesting way. Supported by personalised coaching you can expect self exploration that empowers you to ensure that any changes you want to make are enjoyable and last. Elle brings together elements from all of her training including nutrition & her masters degree in Public Health complemented by her skills as a Master Practitioner of NLP and a qualified teacher.

See the course program and upcoming dates


I definitely feel that food doesn’t control me anymore. I don’t think about it as much. I just have a nicer relationship with food. This is the start of the rest of my life

Rachael- 2021 Course Completer

I absolutely recommend Elle to be your guide to a more nourishing life. I highly recommend it for people who have or are dealing with eating disorders. I have really enjoyed these past 6 weeks, I hope more people will experience the happiness I am experiencing after finishing it

Sabina- April 2021 Course completer.

Great course, highly recommend it! Teaches you principles for how to eat healthily which are very easy to understand and apply to your life. Love the approach of being gentle and compassionate with yourself, switching to foods that help you feel nourished rather than restricted.

Felix- April 2021 Course completer.

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